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Guide to our Coffees

Single Origin

newbeans Brazilian (Utz Kapeh)                                        sweet, lightly-nutty, pleasant

Our Brazilian beans create a low-acid, sweet, light-bodied brew with a pleasant aroma.  An excellent choice for those preferring a more mild coffee.

newbeans Celebes Kalossi 

 distinct character, full deep flavour

Also known as Sulawesi, Celebes Kalossi is an elegant and refined coffee with a smooth, medium-body, full deep flavour and distinct character.

newbeans Colombian (Rainforest Alliance)                    simple mellow body, excellent flavour

This Columbian bean is an attractive balance between good acidity, mellow body and excellent flavour.

newbeans Costa Rican 

 bright, sweet, wonderful taste and aroma

Our Costa Rican beans yield aromatic brews with excellent acidity, very good body, and a taste that equals its wonderful aroma.

newbeans Ethiopian Djimmah 

 heavy-bodied, earthy, winey acidity

One of the more robust of the Ethiopians, the Djimmah is similar to the Sidamo but carries a heavier body, a rich aroma, and pungent winey flavour.

newbeans Ethiopian Sidamo 

 complex, exciting, bright soft finish

A highly sought after magical coffee with an exquisitely piquant aroma, exotic spicy taste, and delightful complexity.

newbeans Java 

 well-rounded, smooth, vibrant flavour

With an unmatched aromatic spiciness, strong vibrant flavour, low acidity, and a rich, smooth full-bodied character, Java beans have an attractive muted tone or texture all of their own.

newbeans Kenya AA 

 clean, bright, rich flavour

 Sought-after beans displaying a clean, bright-flavoured style, solid body and taste with a winey character.  Strong, fruity acidity and full body combine in much the same way as in a fine red wine.

newbeans Sumatran Mandheling (Fair Trade)             full, rich, smooth with spicy notes

 The most famous of the Sumatran beans.  A low-acid, uniquely heavy-bodied, and almost syrupy smooth coffee, with a concentrated exotic flavour.

newbeans Yirgacheffe 

 Ethiopia’s “Gift to the World”)

 Yirgacheffe is rich, teasing and mysterious on the palate, and has a very long resonant finish.  Its soft, fragrant, flowery acidic notes are so distinctive that it may make this the most unique amongst the world’s coffees.