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  • Newbeans Espresso Moto Fresh Coffee Newbeans Espresso Moto Fresh Coffee
  • Newbeans Wake Up Blend Fresh Coffee Newbeans Wake Up Blend Fresh Coffee
  • Newbeans Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fresh Coffee Newbeans Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fresh Coffee
  • Newbeans Monsoon Malabar Fresh Coffee Newbeans Monsoon Malabar Fresh Coffee

Newbeans Taster pack

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Newbeans Taster pack

Want to try some different coffees, from all around the world? Now you can with the Newbeans Taster pack.

With this pack you can try some of our most popular blends, in handy 250g bags. This pack includes 4 of our most popular blends for you to try at home.

Newbeans Wake-up Blend (250g)

Our most popular coffee! Tickle your taste buds with this coffee. It’s a great blend for the home or office or while pounding the pavements on route to your next location. Works well as an espresso or a filter coffee - puts a spring in your step. ideal to be used in your home office or professional espresso machine , for the home and the office. A go anywhere coffee which is great with milk and superb as a wholebean for office and home machine use. It has an earthy, grassy taste with notes that are roasted, turpeny and herby leaving a pleasant aftertaste for this style of coffee.

Newbeans Espresso Moto 250g

Newbeans Espresso Moto is a rich blend of African and central American coffee, roasted to a dark Italian roast which makes a full bodied espresso. This coffee has a bitter taste with hints of chocolate and grass. With hardly any aftertaste this dark roasted coffee makes for a good all round espresso coffee. Perfect for waking up to in the morning, or drinking just before bed!
Ideal for either home or office, this coffee will offer a fresh and pleasing alternative to those tired instant coffees currently sitting in the cupboards. Your daily dose of coffee may already be a routine, but it doesn’t need to be a chore. Liven up your pallet to something new and exciting!

Newbeans Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 250g

Yirgacheffe is a rich, teasing coffee - mysterious on the palate with a long resonant finish. Often described as one of the most unique flavours in the coffee world. It is said that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and this Newbeans single origin is grown in tropical, jungle conditions shaded by trees in high altitudes. A lip smacking brew - if we could put one of our coffees on a pedestal - this would be it.

Newbeans Monsoon Malabar 250g

This coffee beans goes through an incredibly journey to get from tree to cup. The beans are exposed to the monsoon winds in open warehouses and the elements force the beans to swell and sweeten. It blends so well with other coffees and tastes great on its own. If you like your coffee to have an interesting history - this is the one for you. Each sip transports you to the Malabar region of India. A romanticized brew and a great conversation starter.

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Newbeans Taster Pack

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