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Different grind levels produce differing results and everyone has their own preferred choice. However here are few of our own suggestions to ensure your grind produces the perfect brew... 


Coarse grind – is used mainly for cafetiéres and percolators. The proper texture should resemble granulated sugar. For a cafetiére to extract well, the grind needs to be course enough not to pass through the mesh when you press the plunger down yet fine enough to extract well. If the coffee’s ground too finely it passes through the mesh and you end up with a cloudy and potentially bitter brew.

Medium grind – if you use a drip or filter-coffee device your ground beans should resemble the texture of table salt.

Fine grind – used for espresso machines or moka pots. The texture should be fine yet still slightly gritty when rubbed between your thumb and forefinger.

Very fine grind – if using an Ibrik, then you want this grind – the texture of white flour.

Experiment with grinding for your preferred brewing device. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as their device would have been designed for a specific grind level for optimum coffee extraction. Even so, you may find your personal taste requires you to vary slightly the grind level, either finer or courser. Ultimately, do whatever makes your coffee the most enjoyable for you!

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