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Decaffeinated Coffee


Brazilian Decaf.                                      attractive, sweet, smooth undertones This decaffeinated bean creates an attractive, low-acid, sweet and light-bodied brew.  Its smooth undertones contribute to the satisfying finished cup.
Columbian Decaf.                                             rich flavour, mellow body A decaffeinated Columbian, with a mellow body, fair acidity, and a simple, rich flavour.
Ethiopian Decaf.                                                 full flavour, exciting, unique A fragrant and aromatic decaffeinated Ethiopian, with a delightful, spicy flavour and bright, soft finish.
Special Decaf. Espresso                               balanced, smooth and satisfying Our decaffeinated espresso has been carefully-blended to create a smooth and satisfying finish, with balanced intensity and a delightful, creamy texture.
Mocha Java Decaf.                                  complex, smooth, balanced For those who want the Mocha Java taste, but without the caffeine, this is for you!  We combine smooth, earthy, Indonesian coffee with exotic Ethiopian beans to create complexity and balance, a light body, and a delicate flavour.
Sumatran Decaf.                                            deep, full-bodied, smooth A bold and intense decaffeinated coffee that is deep, full-bodied and packing an earthy aroma.  For those who prefer a strong coffee without caffeine.

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