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Single Origin Coffees

Origin Coffees or Single origin coffee beans - they are coffees that are grown in a specific part of the world and or from a single estate in a specific part of the world. Origin coffees offer specific tastes that are distinct and unique to not only the geographical area but to the climate and growing conditions. These coffees have great taste profile; offer a range of exciting flavours. All out coffees have the master roasters tasting notes with them which we call The CTAPS profile, The Coffee Tasting and Profiling System. Gives a visual representation of the coffee so that you can experience the taste before you purchase ,

Single Origin

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  1. Newbeans Celebes Kalossi Fresh Coffee Beans

    Our CTAPS says: This coffee is very chocolatey, sweet and caramel with nutty undertones. distinctive character, full deep flavour, vibrant This coffee comes from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and its particularly hard to come by, up until recently it was only available in special stores. Newbeans is proud to stock this lovely balanced coffee which yields a mellow taste with low acidity and full body. A smooth drink with a complex array of flavours and a great one for those who can’t resist a mocha.
  2. Newbeans Monsoon Malabar Fresh Coffee Beans

    Our CTAPS (29) says: This coffee is sweet, and earthy, with light burnt undertones , a little spicy. with a nose that is earthy, sweet, and sour, great balanced, a truly interesting origin coffee This coffee beans goes through an incredibly journey to get from tree to cup. The beans are exposed to the monsoon winds in open warehouses and the elements force the beans to swell and sweeten. It blends so well with other coffees and tastes great on its own. If you like your coffee to have an interesting history - this is the one for you. Each sip transports you to the Malabar region of India. A romanticized brew and a great conversation starter.
  3. Newbeans Old Brown Java Fresh Coffee Beans

    Our CTAPS number 30 says: This coffee is high in sweet caramel flavours, chocolate and fruity.heavy bodied, sweet, low acidity, smooth A chameleon of a bean Old Brown Java changes colour from light green to brown during an epic two year maturing process. This maturing process was discovered when the beans were transported in import shipments traveling to Europe. During those two years the beans lose some of their acidity and their inherent sweetness is brought to the fore, providing a smooth, heavy-bodied cup lending itself to an excellent espresso base.

  4. Newbeans Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fresh Coffee Beans

    Our CTAPS (32) says: This coffee is fragrant, with a fruity and floral undertone, tastes that are Chocolate earthy, winey with sweet and sour Notes of grassy and nutty. Superb coffee on its own This is Ethiopia’s gift to the world - mysterious, resonant. Yirgacheffe is a rich, teasing coffee - mysterious on the palate with a long resonant finish. Often described as one of the most unique flavours in the coffee world. It is said that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and this Newbeans single origin is grown in tropical, jungle conditions shaded by trees in high altitudes. A lip smacking brew - if we could put one of our coffees on a pedestal - this would be it!
  5. Newbeans Guatemala Fresh Coffee Beans

    Our CTAPS says: This coffee is sweet and sour in equal measure, burnt and earthy. balanced, spicy, smooth, rich These are giant coffee beans, ‘elephant beans’ are considered - by some - smoother and richer in flavour than standard arabica beans. A high grown, mild coffee with a mellow taste, slight acidity and spicy notes. The beans were first found in Maragogype, Brazil and although these jumbo beans are now found in most producing countries, Guatemalan is considered of a superior quality, especially when roasted thoroughly to their full potential by Newbeans’ master roaster.
  6. Newbeans Kenya Peaberry Fresh Coffee Beans

    Our CTAPS says: This coffee is burnt, sour, very earthy and slightly sweet. cherry acidity, light bodied Usually coffee cherries produce two ovules but peaberry is a strain of coffee plant developed to produce only one. The resulting single peaberry retains all the flavour in half the volume producing a fine acidity with a fruity flavour - intensely special.
  7. Newbeans Kenya AA Fresh Coffee Beans

    Our CTAPS says; This coffee is earthy, sour, floral and burnt. clean, bright, rich, crisp, acidic, distinctive Kenya AA is one of the most sought after single origin coffee beans. This type of bean boasts a similar flavour profile as a full bodied, fine red wine. The farmers that produce the crop impose meticulous quality controls and have a real passion for the product. This passion is evident in a clean, light brew with highly prized acidity and a distinctive aftertaste. An impressive cup, once tasted - never forgotten.
  8. Newbeans Papua New Guinea Fresh Coffee Beans

    CTAPS says: This coffee is earthy and burnt with sweet, peanut notes. smooth, fruity, clean, distinctive Rich, dark volcanic soil in the mountainous Eastern Highlands of Purosa, Papua New Guinea create the foundations for this smooth, fruity single origin coffee. A great coffee to present if you want to dispel the misconception that all coffee tastes the same! These coffee trees have never seen chemical fertilizers of pesticides which enhance its smooth, clean flavour and fruity aftertaste.
  9. Newbeans Harrar Longberry Fresh Coffee Beans

    Our CTAPS says: This coffee is burnt, sweet, earthy and salt. earthy bite, smooth, fragrant Harrar coffees are considered to be a power house within coffees due to a bold taste that resonates deep within the cup. The beans are dry processed and the coffee cherry flesh is left to dry on the bean in the sunshine rather than being washed off like in the wet process method. This is in contrast to most Ethiopian coffees, which are wet processed and taste very different.
  10. Newbeans Peru Organic Fresh Coffee Beans

    CTAPS Number 53 says: This coffee is well balanced with earthy, sweet, sour and burnt tones. smooth, mild, good body, gourmet French immigrants from Corsica started the commercial cultivation of coffee in Peru during the 19th Century and the same coffee trees have been cultivated for and developed for over 150 years with exceptional results. Newbeans Peru takes the very best arabica beans from these farms and produced a big, bold bean. Plenty of tender loving care is lavished upon these beans to maintain their premium AA grading. This coffee is supped in the Vatican and in the high courts of Europe. A gourmet coffee in every sense of the word.

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